Book Review: Serpent’s Storm

Serpent’s Storm, by Amber Benson

Calliope Reaper-Jones has been dating Daniel, the Devil’s protégé, but having a hard time dealing with their intimacy. Then, on her way to work, Calliope is attacked by the Ender of Death. It seems that Callie’s sister made a deal with the Devil to take over Death Inc. after they remove Callie and her father (Death himself) from the picture.

Calliope has done a lot of growing up over the last couple books. Though she still wants to live a normal human life, she still steps up and takes responsibility when it’s thrust upon her. She no longer pines for material things as she used to. Even her shaky relationship with Daniel is a step forward. I love the direction Benson is taking these incredible characters.

This is the third installment in the Calliope Reaper-Jones series. And with the evolution of Calliope’s character, comes a darker story, with less silliness and a bit less humor. Though, as always, there is plenty of action-packed adventure and fun. Callie encounters numerous villains, seemingly hopeless situations, the death of loved ones, and realizes a startling revelation about herself. Benson has brought the series to a new impressive height – dark, startling, and plenty of shocking surprises. Urban fantasy fans should not miss this fantastic series.