Fantasy – Fiction Book Review: Slide

Slide by Jill Hathaway

Sylvia (Vee) Bell isn’t narcoleptic as her family and friends believe. Instead of falling asleep, she “slides” into someone else’s body and experiences whatever they’re doing at the time. This is how she knows that Sophie didn’t kill herself – Vee was briefly in the body of her killer. But Vee can’t tell anyone, as no one would believe her. So, Vee takes it upon herself to discover the killer’s identity before they strike again.

Vee is relatable and easy to sympathize with, as she’s gone through a lot in her short life. Her best friend Rollins seems like a great guy and good friend, yet he will suddenly act mysterious and standoffish. And Vee’s younger sister is making bad choices, but with a deceased mother and absent father, Vee has to step up and take on a parental role at home. Hathaway’s characters are flawed, realistic and engaging.

This YA thriller is a haunting and moving. I’m not usually one for a lot of teen angst, but I was completely caught up in the relationship drama and heartbreakingly stupid choices that the teens made. There was one big reveal that was very predictable if the reader pays attention, but the chilling suspense was not lessened in any way. Slide is an intense blend of fantasy, teen drama, thriller, and murder mystery. Dark with plenty of suspense, I was unable to put this one down.

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