Book Review: Tangled Threads

Tangled Threads, by Jennifer Estep

Gin Blanco is no longer the retired assassin, as she continues to hunt down Mab Monroe’s enforcers – with hopes to one day soon confront Mab herself. But Mab isn’t lying in wait for Gin. She has hired her own assassin to take out Gin, whom Mab only knows as the assassin known as the Spider. Elektra LaFleur has been hired to do the job. She’s just as cold and calculating as Gin, with her own set of impressive powers.

Gin is going through some emotional hurdles as she deals with the appearance of her sister, a budding relationship with Owen Grayson, and her vendetta with Mab. And despite her recent assassinations of Mab’s crew, Gin still feels for the underdog. And while Gin is a skilled fighter and good with knives, I’m really looking forward to her using her talents as an elemental more, especially after witnessing LaFleur’s lightning control.

This is the fourth installment in the highly entertaining Elemental Assassin series. Estep’s characters are colorful and unique. As always, the story is action-packed, suspenseful, and has quite a bit of romance this time around. There is never a dull moment. And despite violent and dark scenes, there is enough wit and surprising twists to balance out. Gin faces seemingly insurmountable odds and dire situations, yet she faces them head on as a fantastic heroine. It is easy to become hooked on this exciting, urban fantasy series.

Tangled Threads releases from Pocket on April 26, 2011.

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