Book Review: Tempest’s Legacy

Tempest’s Legacy, by Nicole Peeler

Jane True is back in Rockabill. Her relationship with vampire beau is on the rocks. And when Anyan finally returns to town, he delivers devastating news to Jane that will affect her forever. But Jane puts aside her feelings to help investigate the mysterious kidnappings of females, both magical and human alike. The kidnappers are using the women in sadistic, nightmarish ways. While growing her magical strength, dealing with her personal dilemmas and the kidnappings pushes Jane to the breaking point.

Jane gets to finally show off her abilities. But she has also been bottling up her emotions, which the ever-sympathetic Anyan doesn’t miss. The two have incredible chemistry that steam up the pages. Jane’s spunky and self-deprecating ways are evened out by Anyan’s quiet, confident strength. Her characters are exceptionally vivid.

This is my favorite installment in the Jane True series so far. Peeler amps up the drama, emotional angst, and action – yet delivers more laughs and fun surprises. Shocking twists, wacky characters, and plenty of magic – it was impossible to put down. I was sad to have it end. And I’ll be waiting impatiently for the next installment. Urban fantasy fans should not miss this exciting and fun series.

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