Fantasy – Fiction Book Review: Temptation of Angels

Temptation of Angels by Michelle Zink

Sixteen-year-old Helen Cartwright’s family has been keeping a big secret from her. When they are attacked suddenly, Helen’s mother sends her through a secret passage with instructions to find two brothers who will keep her safe. Helen and brothers Griffin and Darius are the only remaining descendants of lesser angels charged with protecting the world’s entire history archive with incredible power. In searching for her parents’ killer, Helen discovers that she knows the killer. A traitor has been working with a mysterious benefactor to hunt down the Keepers and kill them all.

Helen is an innocent girl with a kind and forgiving heart. She has fantastic chemistry with two young men, creating a unique love triangle. Though, her attraction to bad boy Raum is more than far-fetched. Set in an alternate past in London, Zink’s fantasy world involves angels and demons. Though the history of the angelic factions is only briefly mentioned, the abilities are explored as Helen and the brothers become avenging angels.

The mood of this remarkable upcoming release is eerie and mysterious. The characters were the highlight of the story, with building suspense that made enthralling reading. Events lead to a grand and satisfying conclusion, but the feel of the book felt like the start of a series. I would like to see the angels and demons factions and their purposes fleshed out more in any future installments. With plenty of teenage angst, romance, suspense, and magic – young fantasy fans will enjoy this fascinating and captivating novel.

Temptation of Angels will release from Dial on March 20, 2012.

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