Book Review: Terminator Salvation: Trial by Fire

Terminator Salvation: Trial by Fire

Terminator Salvation: Trial by Fire, by Timothy Zahn

Immediately following the events in Terminator Salvation, Barnes and Blair Williams discover a strange cable in the ground while searching through the debris of the destroyed Skynet lab. The two follow the cable to a secluded village whose inhabitants hold a dark secret. Meanwhile, Kyle Reese and his team uncover a hidden tunnel where Terminators are still hard at work on a plan to destroy the resistance.

Fans of the movie Terminator Salvation or those that have read the adaptation will enjoy this follow-up story. Written by a favorite science fiction author, I had high expectations for the characters and adventure in this story. And I wasn’t disappointed. With plenty of surprises and shocking revelations, this was an exciting continuation of the series. The story revolves around several returning characters as well as the discovered village. The character development was great for such a short novel with so much action and suspense. This fast-paced thriller left me hoping for another story to follow in the series soon. As a Terminator fan, this post-apocalyptic series continuation is a must-read.

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