Book Review: The Invisible Order

The Invisible Order

The Invisible Order: Book One, by Paul Crilley

Emily Snow is only 12 years old, but yet supports her younger brother after the disappearances of both her parents. But Emily is forced to take on an even bigger responsibility when she stumbles upon a battle between races that she thought belonged only in fairy tales. After rescuing a small piskie, she unwittingly finds herself in the middle of an ages-long war between the fairy clans of the Seelie and Unseelie. But there is a group of humans, the Invisible Order, who fight against all of the fey and their claim to this world. And Emily isn’t sure who she should trust.

Emily is a brave, straight-forward girl who is repeatedly forced to endure unfortunate situations. Amidst a trail of lies a deceit, she tries to do the right thing and struggles to keep her brother safe. Crilley’s world, full of wonder and magic, is set in Victorian London.

Written for middle readers, the mood never seems too dark or scary, but there are a couple of murderous and cannibalistic characters that create some gruesome imagery. Loaded with suspense and mystery, this series debut was impossible to put down. With plot twists and surprises around every corner, I was completely absorbed until the climactic end. Don’t miss this exciting new fantasy series.

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