Book Review: The Iron Knight

The Iron Knight, by Julie Kagawa

Meghan Chase is now the Iron Queen, and living in the Iron Realm. And though Ash is her vowed-Iron Knight, he cannot enter the realm because of his faery blood. So Ash has decided to go on a quest to give up his mortality and become a human in order to live out the rest of his life with the woman he loves. But Ash will be faced with numerous challenges along the way, and will be confronted with everything he will lose in the process.

This is the fourth (and seemingly final) novel in the Iron Fey series. The previous novels centered on Meghan and her adventures with Ash and Puck. But this latest release follows Ash’s quest to humanity, as he travels with Puck and several other familiar characters. Kagawa’s characters are strong, quirky and vibrant. And her world of fantasy creatures is inspired.

This young adult fantasy series is one of my favorites. The relationship and banter between the too-serious Ash and the prankster Puck is a highlight of these books. As with each installment, the epic quest-like adventure is full of danger, suspense, drama, and a bit of humor. The intensity builds to a climactic finish, and fans will be happy with the fantastic finale with a bit of a twist. This is an exceptional and original fairy tale that readers of all ages can enjoy.

The Iron Knight releases from Harlequin Teen on October 25, 2011.

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