Book Review: The Kensei

The Kensei

The Kensei, by Jon F. Merz

Lawson is a vampire, trying to keep the peace between vampires and humans. Arriving in Japan for a much needed vacation, Lawson soon finds himself entangled in trouble. As he jumps to the rescue of a young couple on a train, Lawson stops a would-be assassin. This brings Lawson to the local mob’s attention, led by the mysterious and deadly Kensei. To complicate matters, Lawson’s ex-KGB girlfriend is in town, investigating a trail of human organ-trafficking – that also seems to implicate the Kensei.

In a world where vampires are powerful, yet remain hidden, Lawson is a complex hero. He has the strength of a vampire, yet the mentality of a human. Which explains his forbidden relationship with Talya, a human. Lawson is brash and witty, with a good heart.

The Kensei has the feel of a heart-pounding spy novel, with vampires and ninjas – an irresistible combination. This is the fifth novel in the Lawson Vampire series, but the first that I’ve read. It reads completely well as a stand-alone story. Though, I can’t promise that after reading this novel, you won’t want to go back and read the rest of the series. Full of action, danger, intrigue, and suspense – this is pure excitement from beginning to end.

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