SciFi Book Review: The Lost Code

The Lost Code

The Lost Code: Book One of the Atlanteans by Kevin Emerson

The polar ice caps have melted; the oceans have risen; and the Earth is now a harsh, barren place. Pockets of societies either live below the surface or in domes with controlled environments. When Owen Parker attends Camp Eden, he quickly learns there is more going on behind the scenes than everyone is letting on. The shields on the dome seem to be degrading more than they’re told. And mechanical bugs with cameras seem to be observing everything. But Owen’s biggest shock is when he drowns in the lake, but somehow survives after 10 minutes without air. Owen’s body is changing and adapting, and he’s not the only one. And, as he discovers, the key to humanity’s survival lies within Owen’s own genetic code.

Emerson’s far future dystopian world is grim and desolate. Eden is an eerie and mysterious place, holding dark secrets and a vast conspiracy. Owen is an awkward teen who doesn’t excel at much and is often forgotten or ignored. It serves him well when his changes start occurring. And he also catches the eye of the lovely Lilly, who brings in a sweet romance facet to the story.

While the story starts out as a dystopian scifi adventure, it changes course to more of a fantasy hybrid with the Atlantean aspect. There are some confusing times when Owen is experiencing his changes and suddenly some mysterious, unseen “technicians” talk about him in his head. That was never fully explained, and would have been better to leave out completely unless the reader is to believe Owen is somewhat mentally unstable. Otherwise, The Lost Code was a fast-paced, fun-filled adventure with plenty of twists and surprises. With a pulse-pounding, climactic ending, readers will be itching for the next book in this new series with plenty of promise.

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