Book Review: The Neon Graveyard

The Neon Graveyard, by Vicki Pettersson

Joanna Archer was once on the side of light. But after she lost her immortality, the team turned their backs to her. Now Joanna has sided with the gray – outcasts and rogue agents of both Shadow and Light. Joanna’s father and evil leader of the Shadow agents, the Tulpa, has plans on seizing even more power. And only Joanna can stop him. Meanwhile, she must also travel back to the hell-like world, where a goddess controls her subjects by stealing their souls, to rescue the mans she loves and father of her unborn baby.

This is the 6th and final installment in the Signs of the Zodiac series. The series has continually grown darker throughout, and now culminates in a final showdown between two evils in two worlds. And while Joanna has been through countless heartache and tragedy, she has kept her selfless nature and stubborn will.

Loaded with incredible suspense, mystery, action, and drama – this urban fantasy series is intense. Fans of the series will love this explosive finale, giving bittersweet closure. This action-packed series is highly engaging and has been one wild ride. I loved Pettersson’s grand finale, and was completely satisfied with the resolution of several storylines. Exciting and completely unique, The Neon Graveyard does not disappoint.

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