Book Review: The Osiris Ritual

The Osiris Ritual

The Osiris Ritual, by George Mann

Sir Maurice Newbury is an investigator for the Queen. While attending the unveiling of a newly discovered mummy, Newbury is baffled by its condition and strange markings. And while he (with the help of Miss Veronica Hobbes) investigates a stage magician whose female volunteers often go missing, Newbury turns most of his attention to news of his predecessor’s return. Knox is a mentally unhinged former agent with an obsession for immortality.

The Osiris Ritual is a sequel to The Affinity Bridge, which I haven’t read. But I didn’t feel lost or behind in the slightest. Though, I certainly want to go back and read the first in the series now. In a fantastic blend of mystery and steampunk, the story had my engaged from the start. I felt completely absorbed in Mann’s Victorian world that happens to have mastered advanced mechanics. Newbury and Hobbes have a refreshing chemistry. The multiple mysteries and complex storylines were intriguing. And the suspense was thrilling, making it impossible to put down. This is one steampunk I highly recommend.

The Osiris Ritual releases from Tor Books on August 3, 2010.

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