Book Review: The Search for WandLa

The Search for WandLa, by Tony Diterlizzi

Twelve-year-old Eva Nine has lived her entire life in an underground Sanctuary with only a robot named Muthr for companionship. When an intruder threatens their safety, Muthr sends Eva to the surface to search for other humans in a nearby Sanctuary. But the surface world is nothing like Eva was taught. There are strange, new plant life and even more bizarre creatures. Eva befriends a couple of these new beings along her journey and meets several enemies as well.

Diterlizzi’s fantastic world of imaginative alien characters, a foreign landscape, and advanced technology is an incredible backdrop for this story of family and friendship. The author also illustrated his own novel with numerous, stunning drawings of scenes and landscapes that help bring his vivid imagination to life.

First in a purposed series, The Search for WandLa is an amazing journey of a young girl searching for a place to belong. Full of suspense, danger, and mystery – it’s completely charming and engaging from beginning to end. With a surprising ending and a mild cliffhanger, I’ll be waiting impatiently for the next in this series to release. Children and adults alike will thoroughly enjoy this science fiction adventure with plenty of heart.