Book Review: The Silent Army

The Silent Army

The Silent Army, by James Knapp

Special Agent Nico Wachalowski has still not quite recovered the death of his former love, Faye. And now that she’s an emotionless reviver, working for Samuel Fawkes, Nico will be faced with a nightmare come true. After a mission goes wrong, Samuel Fawkes gains control of weapons that could destroy more than just the city. And his army of revivors is growing quickly. Then, an opposing force surfaces, led by a woman names Ai who wants Nico to side with her against Fawkes. But Nico has been warned not to trust Ai either.

In this exciting sequel to State of Decay, situations become a bit more confusing as more players come to the field. Zoe Ott is trying to deal with her abilities, sobriety and her growing feelings for Nico. But when she’s recruited by Ai, a bigger mystery awaits behind Ai’s motivations. Calliope Flax is still a tortured character as well. But frustration mounts when she discovers that her memories have been tampered with.

With even more suspense and mystery than before, this sequel does not disappoint. There were several twists that I didn’t see coming. And a major climactic surprise kept me on the edge of my seat till the very end. This dark and dramatic science fiction trilogy will be wrapping up next year, and I’ll be impatiently waiting.

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