Book Review: The Silver Bowl

The Silver Bowl, by Diane Stanley

Molly is just a young child when sent to work for the royal castle of Westria as a scullery maid. She works hard through the years and eventually is promoted to polishing the royal silver. But Molly has a secret that must keep from everyone, for fear those around her would think her crazy or a witch. Molly has visions, usually telling the future, which always comes true. And when she begins polishing a silver bowl, it speaks to her and begins to tell her a story of how the royal family became cursed. There have been a few seemingly natural deaths already, but there are more to come. And only Molly knows of this deadly secret and must find a way to save the royal family before all is lost.

The Silver Bowl is a story told over the years of Molly’s life. Molly is a brash, uneducated young girl. But she is wise beyond her years, with a good and courageous heart. Stanley has created a fantastic new fairy tale, full of magic, mystery, and suspense. Her characters are likeable and the story is a fast-paced adventure. Readers of all ages will enjoy this highly entertaining fantasy. This striking fairy tale was completely engaging and pure fun from beginning to end.