Book Review: The Skin Map

The Skin Map, by Stephen R. Lawhead

Kit Livingstone’s mundane life is completely changed the day he meets his long-lost great-grandfather and is transported back in time to alternate 17th century England. Meanwhile, Kit’s girlfriend, Wilhelmina, is accidentally thrown back in time to an alternate time period and ends up in Prague. Kit’s grandfather Cosimo is a trans-dimensional time traveler, part of a small group tasked with protecting the Skin Map, a map of the dimensional routes, from falling into the wrong hands. But while Kit and Cosimo try to rescue Wilhelmina, they are attacked by evil men intent on finding the Skin Map.

The narrative focuses on several characters and their stories. Kit learns more about his great-grandfather and traveling between worlds. Wilhelmina begins to make a life for herself in the time period she’s stuck in. And a certain explorer has tattoos of maps drawn on his torso so that they can’t be lost or stolen. Lawhead’s world of alternate realities and time travel is creative and impressive, yet easy enough for any science fiction fan to follow.

This is the first in a series, so not many answers are given. And each story line ends with a minor cliffhanger. This epic tale is vivid, engaging, and completely unpredictable. Wonderfully written, fast-paced, interesting characters, and surprising twists – this series begins with plenty of promise. The Skin Map is an exciting and captivating adventure across time that fantasy and science fiction fans are sure to enjoy.

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