Book Review: The Snow Queen’s Shadow

The Snow Queen’s Shadow, by Jim C. Hines

When Snow’s mirror shatters during an unsuccessful spell, she accidentally releases a demon. Pieces of the shattered mirror can infect almost anyone it touches, giving them a skewed view of the world, turning them hateful and slaves to Snow. As Snow herself became the first controlled by the demon. With the help of a few allies along the way, Talia and Danielle will stop at nothing to find Snow and free her from the control of the demon. But even more important to Danielle, she must free her kidnapped son from the demon possessed witch.

In Hines’ fantastic fairy tale world, the princesses are the kick-butt heroines of the story. Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty don’t have the happy endings from the original stories. When trying to aid a loved one, Snow unintentionally frees a demon from her evil mother’s magic mirror. Now Snow is more dangerous than her mother ever was. From the first few pages, this latest installment becomes incredibly engaging and the most thrilling yet. Talia and Danielle seem to face insurmountable odds with Snow so powerful.

This is the forth and final novel in Hines’ Princess series. As with most beloved stories, the ending is bittersweet. But fans should be satisfied with the exciting showdown and soulful sendoff. I certainly was. As before, the action and adventure non-stop with plenty of drama, magic, and inspired characters. Don’t miss this brilliant, action-packed fantasy series.

The Snow Queen’s Shadow releases from DAW Books on July 5, 2011.