Sci-Fi – Fiction Book Review: The Society of Steam: Falling Machine

The Society of Steam: Falling Machine by Andrew P. Mayer

In an alternate New York in 1880, steam is considered to be the most advanced form of energy. And the superhero team known as the Paragons has a genius inventor as their leader, providing them with the latest developments in steam-powered gadgets. But when Sarah Stanton witnesses the inventor’s murder, she is given a cryptic message for the Paragons. Now Sarah and the mechanical man known as the Automaton will team up to uncover the plot behind the death of her mentor and friend. And worst of all, they suspect a traitor among the superhero team.

Sarah is a sympathetic and likeable young woman. In a time before women have equal rights, she is frustratingly treated like a child and given no room to debate or speak her mind. Similarly, the Automaton is treated like a mindless machine or faulty equipment bent on destruction. Mayer’s characters are fascinating and captivating. His world of steampunk superheroes is imaginative and inspired. I couldn’t get enough of the Automaton and his story.

Packed with plenty of action, suspense, and steam-powered wonders – this series debut is a must-read. Science fiction and fantasy fans alike will enjoy this fun and fast-paced adventure. The plot is fused with mystery and intrigue that kept me guessing, with plenty of twists along the way. Events build to a surprising cliffhanger ending that will leave readers wanting more.

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