Sci-Fi – Fiction Book Review: The Society of Steam: Hearts of Smoke and Steam

The Society of Steam: Hearts of Smoke and Steam by Andrew P. Mayer

Sarah Stanton has left the comforts of home and her wealthy father for freedom and the chance to hunt down the murderers of her mentor Sir Dennis Darby and the automaton Tom. After surviving an attack by the Children of Eschaton, Sarah meets a young man named Emelio who may be able to help her rebuild Tom from its broken mechanical heart. Meanwhile, Lord Eschaton is infiltrating the Paragons, taking them out one by one before setting his sights on Sarah and the automaton’s heart.

Hearts of Smoke and Steam picks up not long after the events in the previous novel. Sarah begins showing much more strength of character. And her new relationship with Emelio grows quickly but sweetly. Emelio’s sister is bold and brash character, who adds a bit of humor to an otherwise somewhat dark mood.

As before, there is no shortage of suspense, action, and steam-powered adventure. Mayer has created a unique and exciting world of eccentric characters, clever gadgets, and engaging drama. This superhero, steampunk series is not to be missed. Though, the heroes are vastly outnumbered by villains in this story. With plenty of unexpected plot twists, the intensity builds to a climactic, cliffhanger ending. The next in the series can’t come fast enough.

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