Book Review: The Spirit Eater

The Spirit Eater, by Rachel Aaron

After another successful job Eli Monpress, decides to head to his hidden, remote village called Home. But Nico is unable to rest, fighting harder than ever to keep her demonseed buried. Then, when Pele comes to Eli for help in finding her father, their break is over. Meanwhile, a demon-infected foe is hunting Josef for a rematch.

In this third installment in the Eli Monpress series, we learn more about Eli’s and Nico’s past and their struggles with control. Aaron’s incredible world-building is explained even further, with a few surprises along the way. We’re also introduced to a few more fantastic characters with their own mysteries. With each book, Aaron continues to impress. In fact, I enjoy each one more than the last. Her characters, world and storylines are complex and vivid. With a brilliant mix of humor, adventure, and magic – this latest story is another exciting addition. This series is a must read for fantasy fans.

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