Book Review: The Spirit Rebellion

Book Review: The Spirit Rebellion

The Spirit Rebellion, by Rachel Aaron

Eli Monpress has decided that his next quest will be robbing the Duke of Gaol. The fortress is supposedly impenetrable and most likely a trap, but all the more reason Eli wants to try. Meanwhile, instead of being welcomed home, Miranda is arrested as soon as she arrives at the Spirit Court. Along with her trusty ghost hound, Miranda works to clear her name and uncover the deception behind her accuser.

This second installment in the Legend of Eli Monpress series is just as exciting, humorous and fast-paced as before. Aaron’s characters are incredibly vivid and irresistible. And this latest adventure is even more entertaining and engaging. Fantastic world-building continues and develops an already interesting story. With several twists and surprises, my attention never wavered until its thrilling conclusion. I enjoyed this one even more than the debut. Fantasy fans should not miss this distinctive, light-hearted, and action-packed series.

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