Book Review: Torn

Torn, by Erica O’Rourke

Maura “Mo” Fitzgerald has always been a nice, quiet girl. But when her best friend Verity is murdered in front of her, Mo will stop at nothing to find Verity’s killers. It soon becomes clear that Verity had been keeping secrets from Mo. And the girls’ attackers weren’t human at all. Now, Mo is confronted with a world of magic of which she knows nothing. And two young men force her to choose between a life of safety and one of destiny.

Mo is a likeable girl, humble and a bit naïve. After Verity death, Mo promises vengeance, and begins to change from a shy, quiet girl to one who makes hard decisions and stands up for herself. Luc is a charming and brash young man who quickly captures Mo’s attention and heart. But Mo isn’t sure if she’s just a replacement for Verity in his eyes. Colin is hired by Mo’s uncle to be her bodyguard. And Colin makes Mo’s safety his number one priority, but Mo has to hide the truth from him, making his job difficult. Mo’s chemistry with both Luc and Colin is feisty. But Luc’s pull is greater, mainly because Mo’s feelings towards him are brought up more frequently.

First in a promising new trilogy, Torn is a beautifully written dramatic story of loss, destiny, sacrifice, and love. Edgy and suspenseful, this young adult fantasy is completely engaging. With mystery, magic, and romance – the story has more than a few twists along the way. Culminating in a big finish, there are still a few loose ends to be tied up in the next installments, leaving this reader eager for more.