Book Review: Torn


Torn, by Julie Kenner, is the second novel in the Blood Lily Chronicles.

Lily has been betrayed by her mentor and has been working for evil instead of good. Now, she knows the truth and decides to team up with Deacon, a fallen angel trying to redeem himself. In order to stop evil forces from opening up more doors to the underworld, Lily must find the keys and destroy them.

Lily is faced with even harder decisions this time around. Her sister has been possessed by the demon she hates most in the world. And the only way to rid of him is to give him the artifacts. But if she does that, she’s endangering the entire world. And when paired with a demon-hunting partner, Lily is unsure which side the young woman has chosen.

With more surprises in store and so many enemies, I’m not sure how the next book will be able to wrap up everything by the end. Fast-paced and just as suspenseful as the previous, Torn is a fantastic adventure with a big ending. Many “middle” books in trilogies are just fillers and leave something to be desired. But I was pleasantly surprised that Torn is a strong and solid story in its own right. The final book in the trilogy, Turned, will be released this December.

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