Book Review: Venom

Venom, by Jennifer Estep

Former assassin, Gin Blanco still occasionally relies upon her skills as a killer to help those who can’t fight back for themselves. Gin’s latest favor is for a vampire acquaintance, who is getting stalked by an evil giant. The giant, unfortunately, works for Mab Monroe, Gin’s nemesis. To complicate matters, Gin’s sister Bria just moved to town, working as a police detective. And Mab knows who Bria is and wants her dead.

Gin is still facing the after-effects of her recent assassinations, and trying to avoid blame with her restaurant owner alter ego. She is also still reeling from heartbreak of a former flame leaving her because of what she does. But Gin has another love interest waiting in the wings, one that appreciates all of Gin’s qualities. Their chemistry is steamy, and I can’t wait to learn more about Owen. Gin is a brutal assassin with a big heart. Characters don’t get much more complex than this.

This is the third exciting installment in the Elemental Assassin series. Action-packed and full of suspense from page one, Estep never disappoints. Her characters are vivid, her world is imaginative, and her stories are captivating. With the arrival of Gin’s sister, we learn more about their past and the reason Mab killed their family. Gin’s vengeance towards Mab is coming to a head, and I can’t wait to see where Estep takes them. With plenty of startling twists, the tension builds to a surprising and satisfying ending.