Book Review: When Blood Calls

When Blood Calls

When Blood Calls, by JK Beck

Lucius Dragos has been charged with murder with plenty of evidence stacked against him. And his prosecuting attorney is Sara Constantine, the woman with whom he just had a one night stand the night before. The odds are stacked against him, especially since he’s a vampire. And a guilty ruling would mean permanent death.

Lucius is a complex character with a good heart, but will ruthlessly kill those he believes deserving. Beck’s vampires are a bit unique in that when the vampires are turned, a daemon rises within the human. And the human has to keep their daemon at bay, or become a mindless killing machine. The result is that everyone who is turned into a vampire must constantly deal with their internal daemon. And not all vampires are strong enough to keep the daemon suppressed.

This is the first in a dark, paranormal romance trilogy. With plenty of heart-pounding suspense and steamy romance, this fast-paced debut is off to a great start. I was a bit confused at times with the amount of characters and names. But the overarching story does not suffer for it. And by the end I was completely caught up in the thrilling, climactic scenes. With plenty of plot twists that kept me guessing, I have to admit I was taken surprise. The next two installments in the trilogy will be releasing in October and November respectively. So, paranormal romance fans have no excuse not to check this one out.

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