Fantasy – Fiction Book Review: Winterling

Winterling by Sarah Prineas

Raised by her grandmother, Jennifer (Fer) has never felt like she belonged, preferring the outdoors and the forest. While out exploring, Fer saves the life of what looks like a strange boy. But the boy is a puck, from another land, brought through the Way unknowingly by Fer. Fer desides to follow the puck back through the Way to discover what happened to her missing parents. But the other land is led by a powerful, dark Lady who wants Fer for her own purposes.

Fer is a likeable girl, both brave and trusting. Thrust into a mythical fantasy land of legend, Fer not only wants to find her parents but help the land and the sick creatures she encounters. Fer learns quickly not to trust the evil Lady, as she and the puck never want to answer any of her questions. This gets a bit annoying at times, since the reader wants answers as well. Prineas’ magical world of myth also has unique, fun rules. I enjoyed every bit of her creative characters and fantasy world. Full of adventure, mystery, and magic – Winterling is a highly enjoyable story for all ages.

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