Box Review: MunchPak – June 2016

MuchPak - June 2016

MunchPak is an assortment of the best snacks from around the world delivered to your home, dorm room, or office as often as you would like.”

  • They offer 3 different MunchPak box sizes: MunchPak Mini (5+ snacks), Original MunchPak (10+ snacks), and FamilyPak (20+ snacks)
  • You can customize your MunchPak with a variety of snack options such as Spicy, Chips, Gummy, Sweet, and Crunchy which you can select as preferred or non-preferred.
  • They also have drinks! You can choose to add a soda, coffee, juice, and/or tea to your MunchPak
  • You can choose for you subscription to renew every week, every two weeks, or every month
  • They also offer gift subscriptions and gift certificates
  • They have an online store where you can specifically purchase your favorite snacks as well
  • They just released their own Snack Scanner app which is available for download on both Android and Apple devices

Subscriptions start at just $9.95.

*This box was sent to for review purposes.

MuchPak - June 2016

A little personal touch…

MuchPak - June 2016

Atori Biscuit Sticks (Retail $2.00) – These are labeled as “spicy” but they really aren’t. They are salty and delicious though. I’d definitely go for more of these.
Country: Thailand

Kolson Cheese Balls, Masala Flavor (Retail $1.00) – I LOVE cheese puffs, but these are quite spicy and may be a bit much for me.
Country: Pakistan

MuchPak - June 2016

Kozinaki Sunflower Seed Snack Bar (Retail $2.00) – I took a small bite of this, but it’s pretty bland for the amount of calories listed. I may offer it to a family member.
Country: Ukraine

Pei Tien Energy 99 Sticks Egg Yolk Flavor (Retail $1.00) – This “vegetarian” bar is made from “12 kinds of natural cereals by the latest technology and no preservatives, artificial flavors added.”
Country: Taiwan

MuchPak - June 2016

Lotte Waffles (Retail $2.00) – These are a cookie-like texture rather than the soft, European kind. But the flavor is still great!
Country: Korea

Lucas Skwinklote Spicy Candy (Retail $2.00) – This pineapple “flavored hot candy strip with tamarind filling” sounds intriguing.
Country: Mexico

MuchPak - June 2016

Homerun Ball Choco Flavor (Retail $3.00) – These are little pastry puffs with just a little bit of chocolate filling. Nothing like the picture. They’re still good, but not as tasty as they could be with a bit more filling.
Country: South Korea

Pei Tien Bibi Bear Rice Cake Milk Flavor (Retail $1.00) – Rice cakes aren’t my favorite, so I may offer this around the office.
Country: Taiwan

MuchPak - June 2016

Pei Tien Corn Roll (French Thick Corn Soup) (Retail $1.00) – This is like a giant puff ball (in the shape of a stick) that taste exactly like buttered corn! Really weird, but surprisingly good.
Country: Taiwan

Pelon Pelonetes Tamarindo Original Candy (Retail $2.00) – These are surprisingly tasty little candies. I’m sure my niece may swipe them.
Country: Mexico

Wonderful Roasted and Salted Whole Pistachios (Retail $3.00) – I LOVE pistachios. And I’ve bought this brand several times. I inhaled these immediately. I only wish the bag was larger!
Country: USA

MuchPak - June 2016

Worlds Sour Dudes Sour Strawz Assorted Fruit Flavors (Retail $3.00) – These are some of the best sour straws I’ve ever had! Not too sour and plenty of sweet! I’d definitely buy more of these.
Country: Turkey

Botan Rice Candy (Retail $2.00) – “Soft, chewy, slightly lemon-orange flavored candy with an outer layer of rice paper. The rice paper is clear and plastic-like when dry, but it is edible and dissolves in the mouth.” These look like individually wrapped candies. And the rice paper does look like plastic. I’m not sure I’m brave enough to stick the whole thing in my mouth when it looks like a plastic wrapper.
Country: Japan

Summary: Joselyn is a pro at packing! I could NOT get all of these snacks to fit back in this large box! There were 13 snacks (several of them with fairly large packaging) that came to a total value of about $25. So the value comes to just over the cost of the box which is great, especially when you consider the world-wide curation. The variety of items was really impressive: sweet, spicy, salty, sour, and nutty. I love trying out different snacks, and this was a really fun box with something for everyone. And the option to customize is fantastic as well. The snack scanner app is a great idea to add things to your “favorites” list or order more.

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