Box Review: Powered Geek Box – September 2015

Powered Geek Box

Powered Geek Box (formerly Power Up Box) is a geek subscription box featuring epic gifts for nerds, geeks and gamers. Our subscription box service delivers great gear and novelty items from big names like DC Comics, Marvel, Nintendo, Star Wars and Capcom right to your doorstep every month. Treat yourself to our geek subscribe box service or send it as a gift.

Powered Geek Box has two subscription box options: Deluxe (4-6 items) for $19.95 plus s/h per month or Premium (6-9 items) for $29.95 plus s/h per month. Plans are cheaper if you buy more than one month at a time.

This box was sent to for review.

Powered Geek Box

September’s box that was sent to me for review purposes was the Deluxe box.

Powered Geek Box

Call of Duty T-shirt (Retail $10?) – I’m not a gamer, so this shirt is a miss for me, but I do like the design.

Powered Geek Box

Super Mario Bros. Wallet (Retail $18.38 on Amazon) – This is a cute bifold wallet that my nephew will love.

Superman Crew Socks (Retail $8.65 on Amazon) – These are large, crew socks and seemingly well-made. These don’t seem to fit the gaming/pixel theme, but are probably my favorite thing in the box this month.

Powered Geek Box

MugBoy GameBoy Coaster (Retail $?) – I couldn’t find this listed on Amazon. But it’s a large, rubber coaster. At first, I thought it was a large magnet by the weight and feel. It’s a clever, cute design, looking like a retro GameBoy. However, I’d recommend only wide cups or mugs used on this, as there is a bit of texture to it.

Twisted Lip Pops (Retail $5?) – This is filler, but my niece is a candy fiend and will love it.

Nintendo Keychain (Retail $8.53) – Again, fans of classic gaming will may enjoy this large, rubber Nintendo key chain, made to look like an old controller. See, even though I never played as a teen, I recognize this stuff!

Summary: While the theme was a bust for me, as I’m not (nor ever have been) into gaming, the value is definitely here for the right audience. I look forward to seeing what this new branding may bring. I’m hoping for a more definitive theme, and one that’s announced on the updated website each month.

What do you think of this month’s box?

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