Box Review: TeeBlox – August 2018


TeeBlox is all about providing our customers with the best graphic tees in today’s market. Over a 200 million t-shirt arts designed by artists. It’s time to show your lifestyle!”

Subscriptions start at $6.99/mo and use code: SCIFICHICK24 to get 24% off your first month!

Subscribers can pick from more than 20 categories!

* received a box for review purposes.

Fantasy Shirt – This month, it’s an intimidating dragon. A bit too aggressive for my taste. And I have WAY too many black shirts already.

Summary: It looks like the site has changed up a bit. There are no more stickers or comics. But the price has come down a bit. You can also buy specific shirts on their site, which is great. And there are now more than 20 categories of shirts to choose from! Unfortunately, no more science fiction – just fantasy – which it looks like I’m now receiving. The lack of specific licensed shirts, such as Star Wars and Star Trek is unfortunate. They are no longer just geeky shirts but have expanded to MANY kinds of graphic shirts.

Remember, use code: SCIFICHICK24 to get 24% off your first month!