Catalyst – Book Review

Catalyst by Sarah Beth Durst

Zoe named the kitten Pipsqueak, because she was so tiny, and promised to always take care of her. Then the kitten grew. And grew. Now she’s bigger than a horse—and talking as well! Fleeing into the woods to escape the curious eyes of the Internet, Zoe and her best friend, Harrison, must keep the giant cat hidden as they desperately search for a way to return her to normal size. If they don’t succeed, Pipsqueak may never be safe again. But why did she grow so large in the first place? And what if trying to change her back leads to even greater danger?

This is a very fun standalone fantasy for children – especially animal lovers. Zoe loves animals and brings home injured ones all the time, but her parents let her finally keep this latest tiny kitten. Unfortunately, the kitten grows at an exponential rate and Zoe is afraid she’ll be taken away if anyone other than Harrison finds out.

There is plenty of humor and heart in this unique story. I love the family dynamic. The characters (other than the fantastical animals) are relatable. And the animals were irresistible. And while I knew the direction the story would take, I was still pleasantly surprised with a fun twist at the end. This was an exciting adventure with suspense, mystery, and magic.