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SupergirlSterling Gates

I was lucky enough to meet Sterling Gates a couple years ago at Comic Con, through one of my favorite authors – Mel Odom. Gates had just been hired to write for the Supergirl comic series, and was able to share some of the preliminary sketches. I was very excited, as Supergirl is one of the few comics that I still keep up with. (This will be no surprise to those who know I named my dog “Lois Lane.”). From the Silver Banshee to the latest New Krypton storyline, Supergirl has had quite a wild ride since Gates came on board. Now Gates shares with readers about what’s coming next for Supergirl and his experience with the DC Comics world.

What can you tell us about the latest Supergirl story arc?

It’s a dark time for the Girl of Steel. We’re coming out of the WAR OF THE SUPERMEN, an arc that featured the destruction of the planet New Krypton and the death of Supergirl’s mother, Alura. So she’s in a pretty dark place, both physically and emotionally. She’s been away for a few weeks, just getting her head back on straight, and she’s just returned to Metropolis and moved back in with Lana Lang. Lana acts as a big sister-type to Kara, helping her in ways that not even Superman can. And that’s where we pick up.

Kara’s dealing with the loss of her people, and coming to terms with what she perceives as her culpability in their deaths. That’s a lot for a teenager to handle, even if they are a superhero, so she’s got a lot to think about.

Then a twisted and scary version of Supergirl arrives in the form of a villain named BizarroGirl. BizarroGirl is exactly that, a Bizarro version of Supergirl, and she crashes down in the middle of Metropolis. Intense mayhem ensues. [laughs]

The next arc is about responsibility and dealing with regret and remorse, though. It seems like a romp though the streets on the surface, but there’s a lot going on there emotionally and physically for Supergirl.

Can you tell us about any new villain(s) Supergirl will be facing? Any spoilers?

Well, coming out of New Krypton, I wanted to start adding new and different villains to Supergirl’s rogue’s gallery We’re introducing a completely new “cosmic” villain to the DCU in the BizarroGirl arc, and then I’m dusting off an old Legion of Super-Heroes villain for Supergirl Annual #2, which is out this fall.

After that, there are a couple familiar faces coming, and a couple new ones that I’ve been setting up since I started writing the book. Long time readers will be rewarded for their patience!

Tell us a bit about yourself and your experience in writing. How did you get your start?

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Free Comic Book Day – May 2nd!

Don’t forget to stop by your local comic shop for Free Comic Book Day this Saturday, May 2nd!
The shop I frequent is Downtown Comics, where there will be free comics (of course), special guests, big sales, and other free stuff!

Oh yeah, and there’s this movie opening this weekend called X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Frankenstein: Prodigal Son

Frankenstein: Prodigal Son, by Dean Koontz, is a graphic novel based on his bestselling novel.

This comic adaptation is based upon the first Frankenstein novel by Dean Koontz. Deucalion returns to America when he discovers that his creator is living in New Orleans. Dr. Victor Frankenstein has been creating monsters for his own personal amusement. But one of his creations has become a serial killer.

Grisly and suspenseful, the story starts out well enough. But unfortunately, unless you have read the novel, be prepared to be confused not only by time periods but by characters as well. While the artwork is powerful and intense, I found it next to impossible to ascertain who characters were. And several of them looked much too similar to be recognizable. So, a majority of the tension and plot was lost in translation.

I really wanted to enjoy it more. At least it did succeed in making me want to go pick up Dean Koontz’s Frankenstein novel. I have a feeling I’ll get more out of the mystery and horror from the actual novel.

Star Trek Countdown Prequel

Star Trek: Countdown Prequel

Somehow I missed this earlier. Bloglines must be messing up some of my blog feeds, because last month IDW announced a Star Trek four-issue, movie prequel releasing in comic shops next month.

More from IDW:

The first comic in the series, Star Trek: Countdown #1, will be released in January 2009 to the comic book direct market. The story is presented by Abrams and plotted by Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman. It is written by Mike Johnson (Superman/Batman) and Tim Jones, and features stunning art by David Messina (Star Trek: Mirror Images). Messina also provides covers for the series.

“There was a lot of back and forth about doing this project, how to do it, what it would be about, but what all parties agreed on was that we needed the right story and that it needed to matter. It had to count both on its own merits and when read in conjunction with the new movie,” said series editor Andy Schmidt. “I couldn’t be happier with the project and what it means to the overall Star Trek franchise!”

Star Trek: Countdown lays the groundwork for what happens in the movie,” said Roberto Orci. “It’s our way of passing the baton from the Next Generation characters and their movies to the new film.”

Star Trek: Countdown is sure to be in huge demand as eager fans look for a sneak peak into director J.J. Abrams’ new Star Trek vision!

Star Trek: Countdown #1 (Diamond item code NOV08 4113), a 32-page, $3.99 comic, premieres in January 2009.

Take A Chance Press Release

takeachance01TAC1_002_FINAL copyTAC1_003_FINAL copy


What Makes a Hero? Find out this December in this new, original series

ATLANTA, GA – October 13, 2008 – Dabel Brothers Publishing is excited to announce the original comic book series Take a Chance, written by best-selling author C.E. Murphy, with art by Ardian Syaf, already known for his fantastic work on Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files: Welcome to the Jungle.

“Take A Chance has been a years-long pet project, built on the shoulders of my insanely talented artist and colorist, Ardian Syaf and Jason Embury. We’ve been on a long road, but I was convinced that patience would bring me to the right publisher, and working with the Dabel Brothers has proved me right,” says C.E. Murphy. “They’re as excited about the comic as I am, which is saying quite a lot–finally seeing it come to fruition is just amazing.”

Five years ago, Frankie Kemp’s four-year old son was shot and killed in the crossfire of gang warfare. Desperate to do something to protect other children, Frankie became “Chance”, a masked vigilante in a world without superheroes.

However, that all changed when a genetically engineered virus escaped North Korean scientists and spread world-wide. Intended to create a super-soldier program, the virus improved on the basic human template–when it didn’t sicken or kill. Now the world is suddenly littered with super-powered beings, and Chance must rediscover her place in the changing world around her.

“C. E. Murphy and Ardian Syaf make a great team. Ardian’s work on Take A Chance is just as stunning as his art on The Dresden Files,” says Les Dabel, Vice President of Dabel Brothers Publishing, “This is a book that we believe in, and one that I think readers will really enjoy.”

C.E. Murphy’s Take A Chance Vol. 1 is a five-issue mini-series starting this December. Diamond Order code: OCT084065 F C E MURPHYS TAKE A CHANCE #1.

Comic Con Recap: Greatest American Hero Panel

Yes, I’m way behind on this one. But here are some photos from the panel where the stars of the classic Greatest American Hero tv show talked about their upcoming project: The Greatest American Hero Comic!

I was also able to sit down and talk to Robert Culp, Connie Selleca, and William Katt each about the upcoming venture. Unfortunately, the interviews on my digital recorder were extremely low quality, and I lost them.

The comic, which will be an updated take on the tv show, preview looks wonderful, and you keep watch for it here:

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