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Exclusive Author Interview: James Frey was able to interview author James Frey to talk about his latest ambitious release – Endgame!

Can you tell us a bit about the story behind Endgame?

The book is about a game that has been prophesied and foretold for thousands of years. Generations of players have trained for it in secret. It starts when 12 asteroids slam into earth’s surface. The outcome of the game will determine the future, if any, of humanity. The story is told over the course of three novels, and a series of novellas. I hope readers find it exciting and fun, and it keeps them turning the pages to find out what happens next.

How does the associated treasure hunt work?

There are puzzles and clues built into the book. If you solve them they lead to location of a hidden key. If you find the key it opens a case filled with $500,000 dollars worth of gold.

When is the rest of the trilogy scheduled to release?

A novel will come out every October for the next three years, and there will be a series of novellas that come out in-between the release of the novels.

I read that a game and film based on the novels are coming too. Can you talk a bit about those?

Google Niantic is building an ARG and a mobile game that will allow readers and gamers to

Can readers enjoy the book without getting involved in the puzzles?

Absolutely. The first priority was writing a fun, cool, exciting book, a book that could be read and enjoyed without engaging the puzzle at all. I hope people love the characters and the story as much, if not more, than the experience of the puzzle.

If this series and multi-platform compilation is successful, do you plan to do more?

Right now I’m focused on Endgame. There’s so much work and so much planning to do. I do think that in the future, readers will see more projects like Endgame. Things like it have been discussed and debated and predicted for years, and it is inevitable that more will be created.

What’s next for you and/or Full Fathom Five besides the Endgame novels? What are the next novels on the horizon?

Full Fathom Five is doing all sorts of things. The fifth I am Number 4 novel came out and the series is rolling along. We have another Dorothy Must Die novel coming out, and our first pilot just got ordered. We’re working on some new ideas and are hoping for a great 2015!

What inspires you?

Books and movies and games and music. Readers who write to me. Things I see in the world. I always try to write and create things I wished existed in the world. Things I wish I got to experience as a reader.

Who are some of your favorite authors? What books do you love?

Henry Miller, Baudelaire, Rimbaud, Jack Kerouac. I live Tolkien, CS Lewis, George RR Martin. I just read Lev Grossman’s new book The Magician’s Land, and loved it.

What do you do when you’re not writing? In your spare time?

Hang out with kids. Ride go-karts, swim in our pool, get chased around. And I read for about an hour every night.

Thanks for your time! Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Endgame is coming!

Jennifer Estep Interview and Giveaway!

image001 Jennifer Estep joins again to talk about her latest Elemental Assassin installment – Poison Promise!

Can you tell us a bit about Poison Promise in your own words?

JE: Poison Promise is the 11th book in my Elemental Assassin urban fantasy series. In this book, my heroine Gin Blanco has to protect someone who witnesses a horrific crime. As always, the book features a lot of magic, action, and adventure. I hope everyone has as much fun reading the book as I did writing it.

How has Gin evolved through the course of the series?

JE: I would say that Gin has opened up a lot more to her friends and family. She is definitely closer to people and has more relationships than she did in Spider’s Bite, the first book in the series. Many times, it’s those relationships and threats to her friends and family that drive Gin to do whatever is necessary to protect the people that she cares about.

Which of your characters do you relate to the most?

JE: Well, the series is told from Gin’s point of view, so I have to say her. LOL. Gin is way smarter, cooler, and tougher than I could ever be, so I always enjoy writing her character.

But Finnegan Lane, Gin’s foster brother, is probably the character that’s the most fun for me to write, just because he’s so shameless, greedy, playful, and over-the-top.

Do you have a favorite super power?

JE: Strength, speed, the ability to create fire, ice, or lightning with your bare hands. There are so many cool superpowers out there. But if I had to pick just one, I’d probably go with teleportation. I think it would be really fun to go anywhere you wanted to in an instant.

How many books are planned for the Elemental Assassin series?

JE: As of right now, I’m contracted for 13 books, so there will be at least one more book in the series after Black Widow, book #12, comes out on Nov. 25. But I hope to write at least a few more books in the series after that. We’ll see what happens.

Now that the Mythos Academy series has ended, are you developing any new YA stories?

JE: I have been working on a new YA series. It’s going to be called the Black Blade series, and it’s about magic, monsters, and mobsters. The first book will be called Cold Burn of Magic, and it’s set to be released in 2015.

Thanks for your time! Is there anything else you’d like to add?

JE: If folks want more info on my books, they can check out my website at or follow me on Facebook, Goodreads, and Twitter.

Happy reading, everyone!

Twitter: (@Jennifer_Estep)


Courtesy of Penguin Teen, I have a copy of Poison Promise for two (2) lucky winner!

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Keri Arthur Blog Tour: Interview and Giveaway!

Author Keri Arthur joins today for her first stop along her latest blog tour, promoting her new release FIREBORN!

Can you tell us a bit about FIREBORN in your own words?

Fireborn is the story of Emberly, a phoenix blessed (or cursed) with foresight. When she sees the death of the man she once loved, she steps into alter fate–and in the process becomes involved in not only the investigation of her boss’s murder, but the efforts to recover his stolen research before it falls into the wrong hands–and changes the world forever.

Tell us about Emberly Pearson. A phoenix as a main character sounds like something new.

It’s certainly new for me! But after spending 16 books in the Riley Jenson world, writing about vamps and weres, I really felt the need to write something totally different. So I began researching all sorts of mythical creatures, and it was the phoenix–with it’s ability to be reborn time and again out of the ashes of its death–that snagged my muse’s interest, mainly because of the potential such an ability offered story-wise. So Emberly–and the world of phoenixes–was born

Does this mean she’s immortal?

She’s immortal in the sense that on death, she’s reborn. But it’s not automatic; there are restrictions and if they’re not met, she dies permanently.

Is there anything else unique about this urban fantasy series?

There’s a different take on vampires in this one, and there’s certainly some supernaturals that haven’t featured in any of my books before–dark elves, for instance.

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Author Interview: Sarah Beth Durst

Author Sarah Beth Durst joins today to talk about her latest release THE LOST!

Can you tell us a bit about THE LOST in your own words?

THE LOST is about a woman who gets into her car one day to go to work but instead of turning left at the light, drives straight. And drives and drives until she runs out of a gas in a town full of only lost things and lost people. It’s surrounded by an impenetrable dust cloud, and to get out, she needs the help of a mysterious man called the Finder and a knife-wielding six-year-old girl.

This is your first published novel for adults, instead of YA. Do you feel that your writing style changed at all for this novel?

I feel like my style changes for each novel, depending on what the story needs. THE LOST is magical realism, and the story is told in first person present tense in order to create a disorienting feeling. I love playing with language, and I got to do that a lot in this novel.

One of the things that I love about fantasy is how much variety there is within the genre. You can play with being mythic or funny or silly or profound or whatever and still hold true the core sense of wonder.

Where and what is the town of Lost? Who lives here?

Sometimes, when someone is lost, they wander out of the real world and into nothingness, a vast dust cloud known as the void. If they’re lucky, a Finder finds them in the void and brings them to one of the lost places, such as Lost. They’re stuck there until they find what they lost, and the Missing Man sends them home.

This means the inhabitants of Lost are not… stable. Some have lost their way. Some have lost their dreams or their memories or their minds.

Some have even lost their lives. You see, even death isn’t an escape from Lost.

Who is Lauren Chase?

Lauren is a twenty-seven-year-old woman whose life feels empty. She gave up her dreams, her friends, her planned future, in order to work a dead-end job and take care of her sick mother, who is also her closest friend. But now she’s terrified that her mother may be dying, and rather than face the truth, she runs. She plans to return only a few hours later… but then she can’t.

It looks like THE LOST is just first in a series. How many books do you have planned?

THE LOST will be a trilogy. The second book, THE MISSING, will be coming out in December, followed by THE FOUND in April.

What else are you working on?

CHASING POWER, my next YA book, will be out in October from Bloomsbury. It’s an Indiana Jones kind of adventure about a girl with telekinesis and a boy who can teleport — and who lies as easily as he travels.

Thanks for your time!

Thanks so much for interviewing me!

Emmy Laybourne Guest Post Q&A

savage drift Emmy Laybourne

I’m so delighted to be here on for the first day of my Blog Tour for SAVAGE DRIFT!

SAVAGE DRIFT is the last book in the MONUMENT 14 trilogy. I thought it would be fun to look back at the wonderful blog interviews I’ve done since beginning the trilogy in 2010 and give you:
My Favorite 6 QUESTIONS I’ve Ever Been Asked by a Blogger!

1. If the characters from MONUMENT 14 were to celebrate a holiday, how would they do it? – Olivia, YA Lit Mag

Well, it’s funny – they’re in a big store with lots of different supplies, so if they were going to celebrate a holiday, they would have most of the materials on hand to really do it up!

I think that Niko would assign people to be on different committees – Josie would head up decorations, Dean and Batiste would dream up a special meal, Jake would take over figuring out some special games to celebrate the day, and maybe Sahalia would sing and play guitar!

I can also imagine Josie organizing the little kids to perform some sort of a pageant. Of course, Chloe would be the star, Mac would probably forget his lines and improvise but then Ulysses would steal the show by break-dancing!

2. Why did you choose to make the main character of MONUMENT 14 a boy? Was it hard to make his voice authentic (you know… since you’re not a boy)? – Enna, Squeaky Books

You know, it’s weird, but I never for a second considered making the narrator of MONUMENT 14 a girl! I think this is because I started thinking about who would be in the story and Dean just stepped forward in my mind, to be the narrator. If I had made the narrator a girl, a lot would have been different – perhaps the story would have developed as a love triangle between the narrator, Jake and Niko! As it is, Dean is sort of torn between Niko’s serious, boy scout mentality and Jake’s playboy attitude. But of course, it’s not a love triangle between them! More of a buddy triangle! (Note to self: Write movie called Buddy Triangle!)

3. If you could have one super power what would it be? – Amy, Readingteen Continue reading Emmy Laybourne Guest Post Q&A

Q&A: Steven Long Mitchell and Craig W Van Sickle

Steven Long Mitchell and Craig W Van Sickle joins today for a Q&A! They are Emmy Nominated writers, producers and/or directors of over two hundred hours of TV programing, including cult classic The Pretender and the Syfy mini series Tin Man – the reimagining of the Wizard of Oz that remains the highest rated program in the history of the network. Huge Sci Fi fans, they got their start in TV writing on staff for Alien Nation and The Flash.

They are the authors of The Pretender: Rebirth and the upcoming sequel The Pretender: Saving Luke (available April 2014).

Q: For those who are not familiar with the Pretender novels can you give us a brief description of the series?

A: Sure. Rebirth and Saving Luke are edge-of-your-seat mystery thrillers about Jarod, a child prodigy, stolen as a four-year-old and raised by a Halliburton-like organization that exploited his gift for their disreputable activities. After his escape, this ‘ingenious Jason Bourne’ – a human chameleon that can literally become anyone he wants to be – rejoins the world that has been denied him for 30 years. While attempting to find his family, he uses his brilliance to protect the weak and abused, those who can’t protect themselves.

He does this while staying just one step ahead of his nemesis, Miss Parker, the sexiest woman on the planet who is hell bent on tracking him down and returning him to her masters. Their multifaceted, love-hate relationship, driven by the emotional secrets they share, continues to fuel a heated chase, pitting a cunning predator against a brilliant prey.

The Pretender was and remains the most passionate expression of our life’s work. We hope our feelings have been reflected in the stories so far — and the ones yet to come.

Q: The books are based upon the international, cult hit television show, that your two created and produced. Do you need to have been a fan of the TV series The Pretender to enjoy the novels?

A: Not at all. In fact, former fans and new fans seem to like the novels equally if not more. We designed the story telling of the books in a way that there is nothing to ‘catch up’ to. The novels start at the beginning – but it is a new beginning – so the new fans are there from the start, and the old fans get additional information that fills in the blanks from their interpretation of the past.

Overall we think the stories have been so successful and entertaining because of the timelessness of the very compelling characters at the center of the mythology and their human connections to each other and to the readers.

Q: Who are the novels written for?

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Lauren M Roy Interview and Giveaway!

Author Lauren M. Roy joins to talk about her urban fantasy debut Night Owls!

Can you tell us a bit about Night Owls in your own words?

Bookstore owner Val wants to forget the monster-hunting life she left behind on the west coast. It ended badly, and she’s quite done with monsters, thankyouverymuch. Until a girl named Elly makes her way to Edgewood with the monsters on her tail, forcing Val to dust off her combat boots and let down her fangs.

What is the relationship between the two main characters, Valerie and Elly?

I think Val and Elly play off of each other very well. They’re wary of one another to start, but each is aware of how capable the other is. Where Val wants to be done with hunting, Elly embraces it. Val’s trying to redefine herself without that part of her past; Elly can’t see any other future. I’m not sure they’ll ever be best friends, but they come to respect each other quickly. It’s a start!

One thing other reviewers have been pointing out is that there is little romance in this urban fantasy. Is that to focus more on the mystery? Will it be changing in the future?

I wouldn’t quite say I set out to write a book that didn’t have much in the way of romance, but whenever I checked in to see if one might fit into the plot, I got a big ol’ resounding nope from both my writerly instinct and the characters. They were too busy with the Creeps, or navigating the changes in their lives, to pursue anything. Buuuuut that doesn’t mean their minds never wander in that direction. I dropped some hints in Night Owls about where at least a couple of their hearts are at.

Will it be changing in the future? Let’s just say there’s a chapter in book two that I did not want to send to my dad after I finished writing it. (He’s one of my first readers. Everyone say awwww.)

This series has all manner of mystical creatures – vampires, shapeshifters (Creeps), demons, etc. How did you go about developing this world?

The Creeps were, for the longest time, these sort of menacing figures whose faces I could never quite see. Until one night I had a doozy of a nightmare about these shapeshifting creature terrorizing people at Park Street Station in Boston. I woke up spooked and knew I had to write down what I could remember. My handwriting reflects how freaked out I was – I normally have this teeny-tiny, very neat script. That page is full of this weird, broad scrawl. Still recognizable as my writing, and returning to normal the more I woke up, but by the time I was done, I finally had my Creeps.

I tend to do my worldbuilding in broad strokes. I know the most important things about the setting and the people in it, and I ponder big picture questions (a good chunk of which ends up in a file called Stuff the Author Knows. That info might never pop up in the books, but it’s there if I need it.) I also leave plenty of room for neat details to present themselves. Sometimes what seems like a throwaway line open up all kinds of possibilities.

How many books do you have planned for this series?

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