October Challenge

Sassymonkey issued an October Reading Challenge. So I figured I’d do this one too, since I just finished the RIP Challenge with the following books: 1. Winter Moon , by Mercedes Lackey, Tanith Lee, and C.E. Murphy 2. The Reluctant Miss Van Helsing , by Minda Webber 3. Death Splits a Hair, by Nancy Bell … Read more

The Best-laid Plans…

Well, so much for the book signing. I had drug my sister along, even though she doesn’t own any of Janet Evanovich’s books, she still enjoys them. I had assumed Janet would give a little talk. I was wrong. When we got there, I was #535, and told they’d call out numbers to get in … Read more


What a gloomy day. It was pitch black and raining a torrential downpour when I pulled in to work. And as soon as I juggled my things, opened the door with my umbrella ready, and grabbed my coffee… the coffee splashed up onto my leg and leather car seat.  I didn’t want to stand there … Read more

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