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Room 59: The Powers That Be

Room 59

Room 59: The Powers That Be, written by pseudonym “Cliff Ryder” is the first in an all new series by Gold Eagle Books!

Room 59 is a top secret, unsanctioned, international agency that acts independently of any one country’s government, and is responsible for eliminating global threats.

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Top 13 SciFi/Fantasy Picks of 2007

Having read over 150 books this year, narrowing down my favorites was extremely hard. So I’ve kept the list limited to those published in 2007. Here are my top 13 SciFi/Fantasy picks of 2007:

1. Scent of Shadows: The First Sign of the Zodiac, by Vicki Pettersson
Reviewed here:

2. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, by JK Rowling
Reviewed here:

3. Bitterwood, by James Maxey
Reviewed here:

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Tunnels, by Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams, is a uniqe and fascinating fantasy for youth. Months ago, I heard that someone was predicting that Tunnels would be the “next big thing” following the Harry Potter craze. While I enjoyed the book immensely, I doubt that it will even enter the same stratosphere that Harry Potter did.

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Gaea: Beyond the Son


Gaea: Beyond the Son, by P. D. Gilson, is the launch novel for Helios Publishing.

When the Gaea-02 returns from her first mission in deep space, the crew discovers that the volatile situation on earth has escalated. Earth’s factions are at war, leaving the Gaea-02 no option but to head for the planet that Earth plans to colonize. But one crew member has left a son back on Earth. And Doyle won’t give up until he finds a way back home.

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