Comic Spotlight: Saucer Country

saucer country

Saucer Country is a new series written by Paul Cornell and art by Ryan Kelly and published by Vertigo. (March 14th)

Arcadia Alvarado is the current Governor of New Mexico, considering running for Presidency. She is a Mexican-American, dealing with Immigration, her low-life ex-husband, and strange dreams. But after her latest dream, Arcadia is convinced she was abducted by aliens. And in order to save the world from an invasion, she must become the next US President.

The story starts off with a bit of confusion, with Arcadia and her ex awakened in her car. We aren’t privy to what happened, right away. But Arcadia’s story continues with her professional and personal decisions affecting her presidential race. Next, we’re introduced to a Harvard professor who seems to be seeing strange, miniature aliens that give him instructions. His superiors at Harvard think he’s lost his mind.

The artwork matches the mood – dark with sharp, rigid lines. Well-rendered, it told the story almost as well as the accompanying words. As the story ends in the first book, we’re introduced to several characters who claim to have had alien contact. It will be interesting to see the alien conspiracy unfold with these people who most will consider insane, especially a Presidential candidate. Set in a modern-day New Mexico, Arcadia seems to have more than one hidden secret. An original, scifi thriller – this will be one to watch.