Destination Truth Returns Tonight

Host Josh Gates returns tonight in the SciFi Channel’s 2nd season of Destination Truth. Gates brings a fantastic wit and charm to a show that tracks down mythical creatures. If you’re a fan or if you haven’t seen an episode yet, check out tonight’s season premier at 10pm EST.

Press Release:
In the second season of “Destination Truth,” adventurer and truth-seeker Josh Gates will once again take viewers off the map in his search for answers to some of the world’s most notorious unexplained mysteries. The show will feature even more exotic locales, stunning finds and fascinating eyewitness accounts as Josh brings his humor to brand new investigations.

Josh’s thrilling and humorous adventures into the unknown made “Destination Truth” a bona fide ratings hit for SCI FI, bringing in over 1 million new viewers over its 6-week run last summer.

The new season kicks off with a bang as Josh and team set out into the mountains of Nepal to uncover the truth behind the infamous myth of the Yeti, and make the remarkable discovery of what could be three separate footprints left by this elusive creature. Now, the team eagerly awaits the feedback of experts who have analyzed the print and may be able to shed light on one of the world’s most notorious legends!