DVD Review: Fringe the Complete Second Season

Fringe the Complete Second Season

Fringe the Complete Second Season

Agent Olivia Dunham, Dr. Walter Bishop, and Peter Bishop return for another season of thrilling scifi adventure at its best. As usual, each episode begins in a gross-out and mysterious death(s) that Walter must investigate by dissection, while Olivia and Peter do the leg work. The second season delves more into the alternate universe where Peter was taken. And Peter eventually discovers the truth, leading to dangerous repercussions when the team ventures to the other reality.

Even more exciting and fantastic than the first season, answers to big questions are finally revealed and the suspense continually builds throughout each heart-pounding episode. This is one of the most well-developed, creative and thought-provoking shows on television. The acting is first rate. And while the show is easy to compare to the X-Files, it has created a niche all its own. The mystery and suspense are enough to appeal to mainstream fans, with plenty of scifi for the genre fan as well.

Fringe the Complete Second Season is available now on DVD.
Official Site URL: www.fringethedvd.com

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