DVD Review: Primeval Volume 3

Primeval Volume 3

Connor and Abby finally return after being stuck without a way home in the Cretaceous era to find much has changed. Though, endless terrifying creatures still emerge through anomalies. New characters come on the scene with secret agendas causing more drama and intrigue.

This third volume of Primeval includes BBC’s seasons four (7 episodes) and five (6 episodes). Primeval has extremely short seasons, which I assume is why they package these as “volumes” instead of seasons. Unfortunately, this can be confusing, as I read in another new brief that this volume was season three (not so!).

Fantastic special effects, more deadly dinosaurs, mystery, and more plenty of intense suspense – Primeval continues to deliver. This science fiction thriller has developed its story arc to a complex web of characters, subplots, and time periods. While the creature-of-the-week aspect is still there and can be watched as a standalone, watching the episodes in order is certainly preferable. As these short BBC seasons are packed with quite a bit of story.

Primeval Volume 3 released from BBC America on January 10th.

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