DVD Review: Smallville the Complete Ninth Season

Smallville the Complete Ninth Season

Smallville the Complete Ninth Season

Krypton’s last survivors have decided to make Earth their new home. But Zod is obsessed with his people receiving the same powers that Clark possesses. So Zod has decided to transform Earth, without a care about what happens to all of humanity. Meanwhile, back at the Daily Planet, Lois and Clark’s relationship develops. And many DC Comic heroes (the Wonder Twins, Zatanna, and the JSA) make guest appearances.

As in each season of this long-running series, Clark goes through a lot of changes – most notably with his relationship with Lois. Clark, the man-who-will-become-Superman, juggles his relationship with Lois, dealing with the recent Kryptonian residents, his day job (which we rarely see him doing) and crime fighting as “The Blur.” Zod and Tess are up to more scheming and no good. Chloe and Oliver round out the rest of season’s regular cast, whose relationship gears up this season as well.

This set contains all 21 episodes from this action-packed season. It’s a solid show with fantastic actors. Now that Clark and Lois have paired up, it’s high time that Clark trade in the drab black outfit and start donning his primary colors. So few science fiction shows last this long, but it’s not hard to see why. Tom Welling is a stellar Clark Kent. And each season continues to improve on the last. While some former costars are missed, this has been one of my favorite mixes of characters. The Smallville cast has incredible chemistry – and dissonance – in all the right places.

Smallville Season 9

Smallville the Complete Ninth Season is available now on DVD.
Official Site URL: www.smallvilledvd.com

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