Eaglemoss Spotlight: Star Trek Enterprise D and Section 31 Ships!

Courtesy of Eaglemoss, received these two amazing ships to review!

First up:

U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D

I grew up watching The Next Generation, so the Enterprise D is one of my all-time favorite ships. And this die-cast ship is fantastic. The level of detail is impressive and beautiful. It’s a nice size: 2-to-3 times the size of most of my Star Trek Hallmark ornament ships. And it’s die cast, not plastic, so there’s weight and substance to it. It’s sturdy and well-made, with a base that cradles the ship. I would love to collect and display all of the Enterprises in this collection.

The small magazine is a fun, quick look at the ship and series as well. It’s a nice little addition that Eaglemoss provides which also includes instructions on how to set up the display base for each ship.

Launching with the iconic Galaxy-class U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D that navigated seven seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation. This detailed and faithful replica has been sculptured, die-cast and painted using references from CBS Studios’ own archives of designs, physical and CG models.

This model is die-cast, hand-painted, and comes with an in-depth magazine featuring product artwork and highlighting the ship’s history and design.

Product Details:
Width (in):3.5

The Star Trek Section 31 Deimos-Class Ship

This ship is larger than The Enterprise D (above). It’s black and sleek and another beautiful replica. Since the ship is almost all black, the level of detail comes from the sharp angles and etchings. While the nacelles look thin and fragile, it feels strong and well-made (as long as I’m not a klutz and drop it). My only complaint is that the plastic grips that connect the ship to the display base aren’t as stable. The slightest bump, sets it off kilter. The booklet/magazine that comes with it says the stand should line up a bit differently. But what lines up is what shows in the pictures on the website, so I’m fairly sure I have it set correctly. Regardless, it’s on display on my library, so it won’t get jostled. It’s stunning; and I love it!

Among the secretly-developed stealth ships employed by Starfleet’s covert ops organization Section 31, the Deimos-class served the role of mothership. Based on a smaller Federation design for an intel science destroyer, the Deimos was extended to a length of almost 900 meters, with swarms of autonomous drone-fighters stored in the saucer “wings” on either side of its central spine.

Like all Section 31 ships, the Deimos was designed for subtlety and deniability – upon entering “dark mode”, many of the ship’s external structures folded in on themselves to reduce its silhouette, and all external lights cut out, rendering it almost invisible in the vacuum of space.

This highly detailed model replica of Section 31 Deimos-Class starship is based directly on the original VFX model to guarantee extraordinary accuracy.

Product Features:
Officially licensed Star Trek merchandise
Affiliation: Federation / Section 31
Type: Stealth
Length: approx. 8.6 inches
Width: approx. 4.1 inches
Inside the magazine is a profile of Section 31 Deimos-Class starship and an in-depth article about the design process behind the ship, with original production artwork, concept art and more!