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I’m so delighted to be here on SciFiChick.com for the first day of my Blog Tour for SAVAGE DRIFT!

SAVAGE DRIFT is the last book in the MONUMENT 14 trilogy. I thought it would be fun to look back at the wonderful blog interviews I’ve done since beginning the trilogy in 2010 and give you:
My Favorite 6 QUESTIONS I’ve Ever Been Asked by a Blogger!

1. If the characters from MONUMENT 14 were to celebrate a holiday, how would they do it? – Olivia, YA Lit Mag

Well, it’s funny – they’re in a big store with lots of different supplies, so if they were going to celebrate a holiday, they would have most of the materials on hand to really do it up!

I think that Niko would assign people to be on different committees – Josie would head up decorations, Dean and Batiste would dream up a special meal, Jake would take over figuring out some special games to celebrate the day, and maybe Sahalia would sing and play guitar!

I can also imagine Josie organizing the little kids to perform some sort of a pageant. Of course, Chloe would be the star, Mac would probably forget his lines and improvise but then Ulysses would steal the show by break-dancing!

2. Why did you choose to make the main character of MONUMENT 14 a boy? Was it hard to make his voice authentic (you know… since you’re not a boy)? – Enna, Squeaky Books

You know, it’s weird, but I never for a second considered making the narrator of MONUMENT 14 a girl! I think this is because I started thinking about who would be in the story and Dean just stepped forward in my mind, to be the narrator. If I had made the narrator a girl, a lot would have been different – perhaps the story would have developed as a love triangle between the narrator, Jake and Niko! As it is, Dean is sort of torn between Niko’s serious, boy scout mentality and Jake’s playboy attitude. But of course, it’s not a love triangle between them! More of a buddy triangle! (Note to self: Write movie called Buddy Triangle!)

3. If you could have one super power what would it be? – Amy, Readingteen

For years I would have said to fly. No question.
But now, as a mother of two healthy and always hungry children, I’d like to have a super-power where I could multiply food by looking at it. Then I could go to India and feed all the slum-children with a single paneer paratha! Or travel to the favelas of Brazil and KA-POW– feijoada for all!

I’d be SuperFoodBringingLady! (Okay, maybe I should work on my superhero name.)

4. Most heinous crime as a child? – Hannah, Book Haven Extraordinaire

Ouch, this question hurts. I STOLE a Bit-O-Honey from my very best friend in the whole world, Kerry Tatlock. I put it under my sweatshirt then feigned a stomachache and ran home.

Actually, we lived in an apartment building. Kerry was in 5F, I was in 9F – so I didn’t run home. I ran out to the elevator and pressed the button while clutching my belly. It took forever and Kerry’s whole family came out to ask me if I was all right, etc. Oh, the shame!

I crouched at the bottom of my closet to eat it and of course, it tasted like dirt.

The silver lining is that Kerry forgave me. I confessed to her long ago. She’s still my best friend to this day. She has even gone on record as saying she didn’t actually even like Bit’O’Honey’s anyway. (But that was obviously a lie to make me feel better as Bit’O’Honey is basically manna from heaven, but that’s how Kerry is. Generous, kind and just marvelous in general.)

5. If you could go on a tour to five cities with four other authors, where would you go and who would you take with you? – Jessica, Step Into Fiction

Great question! Oh my God, I love this question so much.
Okay, I have to eliminate ALL my Fierce Reads sisters and ALL the cities we’ve visited, because those tours were (and are) pure magic. I could never choose any one over the other. That said, here goes:

Rainbow Rowell – brilliant and totally down-to-earth and lovely.
Kristin Cashore – never met her but I love her work SO MUCH.
Stephen Chbosky – also never met him but oh my goodness, he seems like he’d be a heck of a lot of fun.
Alexander Gordon Smith – who writes such terrifying books he should not at all be so delightfully funny and charming, but somehow is.
And a very lucky me.

I’m going to keep this US and Canada, as that’s where I do my giveaways!
First, Vancouver, B.C. – Always wanted to go there and never have been. Also love Canadians. LOVE them. And they show up.
Telluride, CO – I’ve been visiting Telluride for oh, around 20 years. Would be so much fun to talk books with the locals at the Steaming Bean.
Fargo, ND – This is where my Great-Aunt Geraldine Wheeler lives. I love her and miss her. Also – she’s well known in North Dakota State politics and I think she’d get together a real nice crowd for us.
Petawawa, ON – I am sorry to use this tour as an excuse to visit my relatives, but my Aunt Cindy has a little cottage on an island on the Ottawa and she’s also a fantastic chef and I just really think Stephen Chbosky would like it up there, okay?!
Kihei, HI – After all that hard work, we gotta wrap up the tour somewhere very relaxing. Mahalo, everyone!

6. Okay, before I let you go, I thought we’d play a quick game. An unspecified apocalyptic disaster has struck. Grab your purse and tell me what you’ve got that might help us survive. In my bag I found a tiny LED flashlight that I can’t believe still works, a pack of oyster crackers, hand wipes, and two band-aids. – Jen, YA Romantics

Oh man! We’re in terrible trouble. I have a plain yogurt – so we won’t starve for the first, like, three hours.
I have two back pain pills and one dose of Day-quil. Those will come in handy for, um, back pain and one day of a head cold…
I have several ballpoint pens – I can use those to give myself or someone else an emergency trachiotomy.

And I have some SPF lip-balm we can use to cover our skin with so we won’t get a sunburn? Let’s face it, Jen. We’re doomed!


Thanks again to Angela for hosting me here on the very first day of my tour. For more information on my blog tour, please check out emmylaybourne.com.

I’m running a pre-order giveaway – it’s not too late to enter! Read about it here: http://emmylaybourne.com/exclusive-bonus-content-for-pre-ordering-savage-drift/

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