Exploring Gotham City – Book Review

Exploring Gotham City (DC Comics) by Matthew Manning (Author) and MUTI (Illustrator)

About the Book:
Explore Gotham City, home of the mysterious crime fighter the Batman! From the depths of the Batcave to Wayne Manor, Arkham Asylum, and beyond, these pages take you on a fully illustrated journey through the crime-riddled city. Inside you’ll learn all about Gotham City’s shadowy history, encounter infamous villains from The Joker to the Penguin, and find out what the Batman, Robin, and other heroes are doing to stop them.

Exploring Gotham City is a huge book – larger than any coffee table book I own! Each page is a full-page, full-color, illustrated spread. Each 2-page spread is a look at a different part of Gotham City: from Wayne Manor and The Batcave to notable areas within the city such as The Narrows and Blackgate Penitentiary. And within each area, there are short descriptions, anecdotes, historic significance, and mentions of familiar characters. The artwork is detailed and impressive. And even though it’s a short book, at only 47 pages, there’s a lot packed into this trivia-laden book. It would probably take the same amount of time to read as a standard graphic novel. It’s a fun, all-ages book for Batman-lovers.

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