Fantasy Book Review: 3 Below

3 Below by Patrick Carman

Leo has explored the zany, wonderful Whippet Hotel from basement to top floor, with trains, flying goats, and mazes (among other things) in between. But even Leo doesn’t know every secret of the Whippet – and when he discovers that there’s more beneath the hotel than he’d thought, it doesn’t take long for more adventures to unfold!

Leo and the amazing Whippet Hotel are back for another adventure. It seemed like Leo fully explored the Whippet and its extraordinary rooms in the first novel. But this second installment takes Leo and Remi to the hidden depths of the always strange and mysterious hotel. Leo only has a limited amount of time to find enough money throughout his journey to pay off the Whippet’s taxes and once again save the hotel from a jealous enemy.

As I stated in my review of the first Floors book, the series feels similar to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – funny and quirky with an eccentric, mysterious benefactor. And this second installment is just as fast-paced and enjoyable as the first. Children who enjoy a wild, adventure-filled journey with plenty of bizarre characters and creatures will definitely want to read this fun series.

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