Fantasy Book Review: Adventurers Guild: Night of Dangers

Adventurers Guild: Night of Dangers by by Zack Loran Clark and Nick Eliopulos

After falling victim to a vile betrayal, Zed is cut off from Brock and their friends and unable to warn them about a dangerous enemy on the move. The Adventurers Guild may have defeated the evil that cast the elves from their home, but that doesn’t keep them in the Freestoners’ good graces for long.

An ordinary day at the market comes to a fatal end when a rare Danger infiltrates the city, leaving over a dozen dead. Tensions come to a boil as the city is threatened by upheaval from within and becomes alight with terror. Brock finds himself frustratingly unable to utilize his underground contacts…though the mysterious Lady Grey may not be finished with him yet.

To come together to save their city from a timeless evil looking to settle a score, the young adventurers must learn to trust in each other again and be willing to do whatever it takes to stop the tragedy of the Day of Dangers from happening again.

Night of Dangers is the 3 and final book in the Adventurers Guild trilogy. As in the previous novels, the narrative switches between Zed and Brock. However, poor Zed is lost in a limbo-like state and can’t communicate with his friends. And Brock has no idea why his friend is acting so different.

This installment is the most exciting yet. Zed searches for a way to communicate to his friends before time runs out for him and the whole city. There are several fun twists along the way that are unpredictable and keep the story moving. The suspense and intrigue builds to a big, satisfying finale. I only wish this was a longer series, as it feel like we’re just scratching the surface of these engaging characters and complex world. This is a great fantasy series that all ages can enjoy.

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