Fantasy Book Review: Adventurers Wanted: Sands of Nezza

Adventurers Wanted: Sands of Nezza by ML Forman

After hundreds of years without a true king, the desert land of Nezza is in danger of falling under the rule of a ruthless lord advised by an evil wizard with dark intentions. A desperate cry for help brings Alexander Taylor to this perilous land and sets events in motion that will require him to rescue an old friend from and impenetrable dungeon. Once in Nezza, Alex meets a new band of adventurers and joins them in their quest to find young Prince Rallian the man destined to become the rightful king of Nezza. In their path lies a deadly sand monster, a wise and insightful oracle, a massive army of illusions, and a host of lords and leaders ready to fight for and against the king of their land.

Alex travels to Nezza in his latest adventure. As he seeks to free his friends, Alex stumbles across a captive price who could be the next king – one who could unite the fractured land. Their journey takes them through harsh land, meeting unique characters, and exciting adventures. Meanwhile, a dark wizard has his own agenda. And Alex learns that someone even stronger is behind the scenes.

Sands of Nezza is the fourth novel in the Adventurers Wanted series. While this installment was fun, with the feel of an epic fantasy adventure – it seemed to be missing the sense of wonder and humor the first novels had. It was still a solid story, but the series seems to be changing along with Alex. Unlike previous installments, Alex seems to be sure of himself and more of an adult. As with other high fantasy tales, it’s more about the journey than the destination. And this is no exception. Fantasy fans of all ages should be sure to check out this evolving series.

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