Fantasy Book Review: Born of Deception

Born of Deception by Teri Brown

After scoring a spot on a European vaudeville tour, Anna Van Housen is moving to London to chase her dream and to join an underground society for people like her with psychic abilities. But when Anna arrives in London, she finds the group in turmoil—one of its members has been kidnapped, and members of the society are starting to turn on one another. With her life in danger and her relationship with her boyfriend, Cole, fizzling, can Anna track down the kidnapper before he makes her his next victim—or will she be forced to pay the ultimate price for her powers?

Anna arrives in London on a sour note when her expectations of seeing Cole again after their separation are less than what she hoped for. And their relationship from then on is a bumbling, awkward mess of miscommunication and hurt feelings. But they are both so sweet and innocent, it’s easy to root for them.

Born of Deception is the sequel to last year’s Born of Illusion, a historic fantasy series set in the age of Houdini. And Anna may be his illegitimate daughter. Anna is a skilled illusionist, with secret psychic abilities that aid her more off stage than on. This sequel is just as exciting and fast-paced as the first. Wrought with suspense, mystery, danger, and romance – it was hard to put down. I look forward to the next in this exceptional series.

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