Fantasy Book Review: Dog in the Dark

Dog in the Dark by Barb & JC Hendee

Barely escaping the city of Calm Seatt—and the assassins hunting them—Magiere, Leesil, and the elven dog Chap sail south to continue their quest to find the powerful Orb of Air before their enemies do. But they are not alone, much to their frustration.

The aging elven assassin Brot’an has forced himself on them by offering his protection. Chap doesn’t believe this ruse, however, and seeks to uncover the assassin’s true agenda—as well as the cause of the secret civil war that has erupted into the open among Brot’an’s people. Meanwhile, Magiere struggles with her own dark nature, using Leesil’s love as an anchor to keep her grounded. For the personal price she paid to procure the Orb of Fire was more than she thought—and more than she wants to reveal to anyone.

But that is exactly what the cunning Brot’an wants to know. And he is willing to do whatever it takes—even if he must reveal his own dreaded secrets that may cost the entire party their lives…and their very souls.

This is the 2nd novel in Series 3 of the Noble Dead saga. The characters have developed quite a bit over the years. Magiere is at odds with her vampire half of her dhampir nature. And Chap is no longer just a silent observer. There’s a bit of jumping back and forth in time as memories are rehashed, which is helpful when you’re not reading these back-to-back but instead a year in between each installment.

The saga has developed and changed just as much as the characters over the years. What started out as vampire fantasy with a rich and well-developed lore now has the feel of an epic fantasy series with a slowly unfolding journey. With a complex and evolving storyline, engaging characters, and a creative fantasy world – Dog in the Dark is another charming installment in a favorite series. The Hendees never fail to impress and entertain. Don’t miss this highly enjoyable story. But be sure to start from the beginning with Dhampir. But beware; you may not be able to stop.

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