Fantasy Book Review: Firebrand


Firebrand by Antony John

Thomas and his friends have rescued the Guardians and commandeered the pirates’ ship, but the pirates still hold fast to Roanoke Island. Using his newly discovered element, Thomas hears a radio message calling for refugees to head to Fort Sumter. They sail south, but quickly discover that their elements wane as they leave Roanoke behind. There is something sinister going on in the refugee colony too. From the perilous food-gathering squads, to the constant threat of rat infestation, to dangerous secrets, Thomas and his colonists begin to realize that this promising new world may be even more terrifying than the one they left behind.

Thomas has become the unwitting leader of their small group. The adults have been cowed for their deception. And when they arrive at Fort Sumter, the Chief takes Thomas under his wing and treats him as almost an equal. But it soon becomes apparent that he’s hiding something sinister.

Firebrand is the second installment in the Elementals series. Blending post-apocalyptic fiction and fantasy, this series is dark and unpredictable. There is plenty of mystery, suspense, danger, and intrigue – making this sequel just as exciting as the first. The characters and story are captivating. The novel was impossible to put down. And with another mild cliffhanger ending, I’m left eager for the next in the series.

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