Fantasy Book Review: Grimm: The Killing Time

Grimm: The Killing Time by Tim Waggoner

A mysterious creature stalks the streets of Portland, looking for a new identity. With one touch it can dissolve its victim, assuming their appearance, personality, and memories. When Portland homicide detectives Nick Burkhardt and Hank Griffin are called in to track down a missing person, Nick comes face to face with the changeling, but its powers have an unexpected effect on the Grimm, unleashing a deadly Wesen plague and untold chaos. 

Nick and Hank investigate a missing person/murder case but catch on quickly that it’s a Wesen problem when Nick is attached by the shapeshifter. And while Nick isn’t badly hurt, he and the shapeshifter begin spreading a virus among all other Wesen – including his closest friends. The virus is dangerous as it brings out a Wesen’s basest instincts and causes them to Woge without being able to change back to their human face.

The Killing Time is set late in season 3 of the show. It’s gruesome, thrilling, and full of suspense, mystery, and danger – everything Grimm should be. As I’m already a fan of Waggoner’s writing, I had high hopes for this latest installment. And I’m happy to say I wasn’t disappointed. Only that the story is so fast-paced that I read it in one sitting, making it seem much too short. Grimm fans wont want to miss this captivating story.

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