Fantasy Book Review: Ignite

Ignite by Sara B Larson

In the kingdom of Antion, peace has at long last been restored. Now that King Hector’s reign of terror is over, the newly crowned King Damian, along with his most trusted guard, Alexa, must focus on rebuilding Antion and reclaiming the hope of their people. But the wounds of the past are no as easily mended as Alexa and Damian had hoped. And to further complicate matters, Alexa still harbors a secret love for Damian, a love she refuses to acknowledge for the sake of Antion, and for the sake of the king himself.

When new threats to the kingdom surface–including an assassination attempt on Damian–blame is cast on the once-friendly nation of Blevon. Alexa knows things are not what they seem, however, and once again the fate of her country hangs in the balance. Will Alexa be able to protect her king and find the true enemy before it’s too late?

Alexa has tried to put her feelings for King Damian to the side as she protects him from bodily harm. However, a beautiful and mysterious noble woman arrives with a hidden agenda. And Alexa is afraid not only that she may be a danger to Damian, but that she may win his heart as well. Meanwhile, Blevon is obviously being framed for attacks against the king and kingdom. But the big mystery is who is behind the attacks and why.

Ignite is the second installment in the Defy Series. There is a decidedly different feel to this novel; yet it’s no less captivating. With a suspenseful and intriguing plot, with plenty of drama, adventure, magic, and romance – this sequel does not disappoint. This YA Fantasy is one I highly recommend.

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